Monday, January 12, 2009

Leaders Need Followers

Just a few hours ago, one man got to stand in for president-elect Obama as the dress-rehearsal for the inauguration took place. In life, we usually don't get to stand in for others, nor do others stand-in for us. Instead, we need to stand UP for ourselves, our beliefs, our mission in life and be counted.

In 2009, what are you going to stand up for? Are you a follower? There is nothing wrong with follow great leaders. Leaders needs followers to make their mission visible and achievable. Are you a leader? Who do you want to follow you and where are you going?

I hope, no matter who you voted for, you take time on January 20, 2009 to watch a piece of history being made. His success is the success of every individual who ever had a dream and worked hard to achieve. May 2009 be your greatest year of achievement yet.

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